Best Cat Eye Contact Lenses for 2022 Halloween [9+ Cheap & Safe to Buy on Amazon]

Costume contact lenses provide Halloween revellers with an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of people who simply picked up the first thing they spotted at a Halloween costume shop. Given that cat costumes are common among people of all ages, including children and adults, this is an excellent method for those who are wearing a cat costume to stand out from the crowd.

Wearing Halloween costume contact lenses is a simple and straightforward addition that can help enhance your cat costume. This is due to the fact that cat eyes are well known for having traits that distinguish them from human eyes. You want your pals to see cat eyes when they look at you when you are wearing your cat costume, right? You don’t want them to see your real eyes.

Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses

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Green Cat Eye Contact Lenses

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White Cat Eye Contacts

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✅ Best White Cat Eye Contacts Lense

Perfectwhite cat eye contacts are the perfect contact lenses for your cat costume! These lenses create a realistic cat eye effect will leave your friends in awe. Their plain white iris is overlaid with a black split pupil that will give your costume a fiercely feline look!

Blue Cat Eye Contacts

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✅ Blue Cat Eye Contacts work perfectly with many different coloured outfits and styles. Match it with black or grey to really bring attention

Yellow Cat Eye Contacts

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Aqua Cat Eye Contacts

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Realistic Cat Face Makeup

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In years gone by, Halloween costumes were typically hand-crafted by the parents of the children before they took their children out “trick-or-treating.” Now that Halloween has developed into a more commercial holiday, things have progressed to a much higher level than before. Costume designers who work professionally are capable of creating more intricate garments than your parents ever were.

People have a tendency to choose their Halloween costumes from the same small set of costumes because an increasing number of people are turning to buying Halloween costumes in stores and online. When this happens, the importance of the accessories skyrockets, and they become the primary factor that differentiates a casual Halloween shopper from a truly great costume planner.

Everyone is willing to shell out a few dollars to guarantee that they won’t be the only ones at a Halloween party who aren’t dressed up in a costume. However, the best costume contest winner at their party can only be determined by those who have gone above and beyond in their preparations. If you want to achieve that objective and dress up as a cat for Halloween, you should start looking for contact lenses as soon as possible.

How to have cat eyes for Halloween?

If you own a cat, you probably already know that the pupils in your cat’s eyes look different from the pupils in your own eyes. The pupil of a cat’s eye is elongated, and its iris is yellowish-green in colour. Altering your eyes so that they match your Halloween costume is going to be a necessity if you plan on playing a cat for Halloween and want to be as authentic as possible in the role you choose to play.

Fortunately, the appearance of your eyes can be altered to resemble those of a cat with the help of novelty contact lenses. This transformation does not require much effort on your part. You can make your eyes appear to be the same colour and shape as a cat’s eyes by wearing a specialised contact lens. This will give the impression that your eyes are feline. The lenses will give your iris a coloured portion and blend your human pupil into the shape of a cat’s pupil. Additionally, your iris will be decorated with a coloured portion.

What are the best brands for cat eye contact lenses?

CIBA Vision’s line of costume contacts is known as Wild Eyes, and it includes a popular set of contacts designed to look like cat eyes. Cooper Vision also manufactures a well-known brand of theatrical contact lenses known as Crazy Lenses for their customers. The vast majority of people will find that theatrical contact lenses are more than adequate to accomplish the task at hand. Nevertheless, scleral contact lenses, which are designed to cover the entire cornea of the eye, may be required in order to accomplish certain effects. Scleral contact lenses are unique in that they cover the whites of your eyes completely. Make sure that you are familiar with any specific instructions that come packaged with the coloured contacts of the brand and type that you purchased.

How to buy cat eye contact lenses for cheap?

Because of advancements in mass production and technological innovation, a single pair of Halloween costume lenses can now be purchased at a price that will likely surprise you. Because you can now find costume contact lenses anywhere from your optometrist’s office to Halloween costume stores to online, you should do some comparison shopping to find the best price. You could, of course, go the extra mile and purchase contacts that have been hand-painted to your specifications, but this will come at a higher cost. In order to guarantee that they will be finished by the time you require them for Halloween, you will need to place your order several weeks in advance.

Is it safe and comfortable to wear cat eye contact lenses?

Cat eye contact lenses can be purchased with or without a prescription, giving you the option to transform your eyes into a more feline appearance. Dressing up your eyes so that they don’t give away your identity in a costume is possible even if you don’t have perfect vision, if you already wear glasses, or if you already wear contacts.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, it is highly recommended that you discuss getting a pair of novelty contact lenses with your eye doctor. Whether you get contacts that require a prescription or ones that you can get without one, this step is an essential component of the process. They will ensure that the contact lenses are comfortable for you to wear and will instruct you on how to properly insert and care for your lenses.

Even though you will most likely only ever use them for one (or maybe even two) nights in your life, it is imperative that you protect your eyes by taking the necessary precautions because you will have to use them for the rest of your life. In order to become accustomed to your contact lenses in time for the party, you should start wearing them at home for a few hours at a time a few days before the event.

This will allow you to get some practise taking them out and putting them back in before your big Halloween party, which will prevent you from becoming completely frustrated by the process. You should also make preparations to bring lubricant drops with you in case your contact lenses start to cause you discomfort and you need to take immediate action to alleviate the problem.

If you wear corrective contact lenses on a regular basis, switching to novelty contact lenses shouldn’t feel any different than switching to your regular lenses. Even if you order your costume contacts through the mail, you will still be required to provide a valid prescription for your regular contacts in order to receive them. When it comes to care, you need to handle costume contact lenses in the exact same manner that you would any other type of contact lenses. You should use soap to wash your hands and then dry them with a paper towel that does not contain lint. Make sure that your contact lenses are free of any rips or tears, and that they are thoroughly cleaned and free of any dirt. If you want to reuse them, you should make sure to store them in a contact lens case along with some contact lens solution before doing so.

Additionally, it is advised that you do not wear your Halloween lenses for longer than eight hours at a time and that you do not go to sleep while wearing them. The normal thickness of corrective contacts is slightly thinner than that of costume lenses, but costume lenses are not as breathable as normal contacts.

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