Best Tips to Entertain Your High Energy Cat for Hours

The majority of a young cat’s life is spent amusing itself with various playthings. When they are able to walk and are no longer reliant on their mother to feed them and carry them around, they become aware of the entire world that exists beyond their home. Whether they are confined to the house or roam free in the backyard, cats see practically everything that crosses their path as a potential plaything for them.

Their natural urge to hunt takes control of them, and all of a sudden the paperclip or hair clip that was just sitting there on the coffee table becomes their prey. They would benefit from maintaining this carefree attitude. They are able to exercise those instincts that have been implanted in them while also getting a nice workout as a cat. A kitten that is playful almost always grows up to be a playful adult cat.

While cats can make a toy out of anything, it’s still a good idea to have several toys around that are meant just for them. It’s easy to make a kitten toy or you can buy them at the supermarket. Big box pet stores have dozens of cat toys from simple balls to more elaborate examples. Here are some tips on what types of toys your kitten will love and things she shouldn’t have.

  1. In a kitten’s eyes, anything that can be chased or batted is a cat toy. String or yarn is an old favorite and as long as you are dangling or pulling the string for him it is a safe toy. But never leave little Simba alone with a string because she may be tempted to eat it and that is never good.
  2. It’s great fun to watch this descendant of the big cats use those hunting genes while chasing a stuffed toy. Stuffed mice are very popular examples, and your kitten will likely chase them as long as you throw them. She may even bring it back to you to throw again. Make sure any stuffed kitten toys are free of decorations like bells, beads, or ribbons that can be torn off and swallowed by the kitty.
  3. Both you and your kitten can have hours of fun with a little game of kitty fishing. Kitty fishing poles are an all-time favorite of cats, young or old. They consist of a handle made of plastic or wood, a string attached to one end, and at the other some fuzzy balls or feathers. Watch kitty bat and jump for hours as you entice her with that tempting lure.
  4. Don’t forget the catnip. You can buy toys stuffed with catnip or get bags of dry catnip. They love to sniff it, roll in it, rub their faces in it, and then become even friskier than what nature made them.

Toys are a great thing for your kitten and even more fun if they are safe and you join in the fun along with them.

DIY Cat Toys to Entertain Your Kitty

Cats are inquisitive creatures. They can’t take it when they see anything moving and don’t look into it. Keeping your cat busy and his curiosity at bay is a relatively simple approach to keep him happy. The simplest way to achieve this is to give him all of the cats’ toys that he enjoys playing with.

On the market, there are many different types of cat toys. Some toys will keep your cat occupied with very little effort on your part. Simple toys, like as balls or fuzzy mice, are typical of this type of toy. However, there are some toys for your cat that are quite sophisticated and costly to obtain. Tall scratching posts with dangling things of appeal and tall hollow tubular cat playhouses are two examples of such toys that have grown increasingly popular among cat owners. These toys will provide hours of entertainment for your cat, but there is no need to spend a lot of money if you don’t have to.

A cat will play with a lot of things that are lying around the house. A cardboard box with a hole cut in the side may keep a cat occupied for days and costs nothing. There are also interactive cat toys that you may use to interact with your cat. There are a number of these to choose from as well. There are laser lights for your cat to pursue, as well as fluffy toys that dangle from a string and a variety of other toys that your cat will enjoy. This can be a fun way for both you and your cat to pass the time.

It makes no difference to your cat which type of cat toy you use. When it comes to providing cats something to play with, they are fairly easy to please. If you don’t provide it to them, they’ll come up with something on their own to pique their interest and bring out their playful side. Cats, on the other hand, are always looking for new and exciting things to play with.

DIY Cat Games to Entertain Your Kitty

Cat activities can be entertaining for both you and your cat, especially if you have a small kitten. This recreational behaviour is similar to hunting, and it is a natural animal instinct for them to learn to stalk and capture prey. Cats also enjoy fighting with other animals and people. This is most likely nature’s way of preparing your cat to learn actual self-defense combat skills.

Cats enjoy playing with things that resemble real-life prey because of the intimate link between play and hunting. When they are hungry, they are more likely to want to play. It’s in their nature for them to equate hunting with food.

Here are a few cat games that are sure to please your feline friends. In an office supply store, look for a little laser pointer. Darken the room so that the laser’s red dot is easily visible, then move the dot in front of your cat. In an attempt to catch the dot, he will always chase it down. He won’t become bored as fast if you keep the fact that you’re using the laser hidden. His antics will amuse and entertain both you and him.

Rolling a piece of aluminium foil into a ball is another simple cat game. To get your cat’s attention, show him the ball. Toss the ball across the floor in a wide open area and let him chase it. He’ll throw the ball all over the place. Pick up the ball when he stops hitting and give it another good throw, and the cats’ game will resume. To avoid your cat ingesting a portion of the ball after playtime, it’s generally advisable to put it away.

Feathers pique a cat’s interest due to its innate tendency. Anyone who has ever observed his cat sit in the window watching the birds knows what I’m talking about. Feathers purchased from a craft store can be used to build easy cat games that your cat will enjoy. Simply sew two pieces of cloth together to form a little ball, leaving an opening to insert the feathers. To add to the excitement, stuff the ball with a little cotton and catnip. Sew the aperture closed after inserting the quills of several feathers. Then hold the feathers in place with a dab of non-toxic glue around the quills. Show your cat the “birdie” and toss it, and then watch the fun begin.

Cat games can be enhanced by attaching a fake mouse or bird to a string. Make the thread long enough for you to be able to move the toy around as your cat chases after it. Allow him to catch his “prey” every now and then to keep his attention piqued. This will give you both a good workout and will most likely leave you both exhausted.

Another cat favourite is a ping-pong ball. Toss the ball and let it bounce around to attract your cat’s interest. Try it in a small space where the ball can bounce off the walls easily. This added movement will pique your cat’s interest even more.

Never leave your cat alone with a toy that could do him damage. Even small stuff like a rope can get swallowed and cause complications.

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