Cat Litter Box Tips And Tricks (Cleaning & Odor Control Hacks 2022)

A happy and healthy cat requires a clean litter box each and every day, and it is our responsibility as responsible owners to ensure that our kitty always has access to the type of litter box that she prefers. Your cat’s litter box is their own personal place, and being the neat and tidy creatures that they are, cats want to keep it clean.

Choosing a Cat Litter Box Scooper

Choosing a cat litter box scooper is a personal decision, one that enables you to get the job done efficiently while maintaining manual dexterity on the device.

Cat litter box scoopers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the density of the scooper plastic, the width of the lifting portion, and the length of the handle. Each model has its own virtue, so you will select the cat litter box scooper that fits the best in your hand.

If you have more than one cat sharing the same litter box, you may expect to have to clean the facility more than once per day. In addition, cats like to scratch a hole to squat in, and often scoop away the litter from the bottom of the box. Although the cat will cover the deposit when it’s finished, a urine flow to the bed of the litter box will harden if it remains there for even a short time.

A cat litter box scooper with a sturdy wide surface and a strong handle is ideal to scrape coagulated urine from the bottom of the litter pan. If the cat box litter scooper is too flimsy, you may lose control over a stubborn soiled clump, thus spilling it onto the floor.

When a litter pan is kept under a piece of furniture or cabinet, you may opt for a cat box litter scooper with a shorter handle. The reduced size scooper is usually as durable as the longer handle version; however, they allow you to maneuver with ease in a tight space. Cleaning your cat box should be done once or twice a day, depending on the sanitary conditions. Cats are meticulously clean creatures, and if the box is unacceptable, your feline friend may choose another spot for relief.

Benefits Of High Top Litter Boxes

Most cats are extremely clean animals. They constantly clean and groom themselves. This is especially true in regards to their cat litter box. You may notice that your cat makes a scratching sound when they are inside of their little box. This scratching sound is your pet covering up their feces. Cat litter boxes are made to not only give your pet some privacy when they are doing their business but also to keep the mess from being scattered all over your home.

Although cats are generally one of the cleanest domesticated animals, as I stated at the beginning of this article, every once and a while you may see a cat that isn’t. This cat may make a bit more of a mess than its brethren. Why is it that a cat would make a mess of its own litter box? There are several reasons why this might be. Was your cat always messy? It may just be in their personality.

Like humans, each and every cat has a unique personality. Is your cat getting older? Older cats may sometimes have a tougher time keeping clean. This is due to old age and there isn’t much that can be done about it. If there is a sudden change in behavior, it may be a sign that something is wrong with your pet, at which point you should seek the counsel of a veterinarian.

Aside from a health issue, there is a very simple way that you can avoid a messy home due to the fact that your pet is having trouble cleaning themselves. The average cat litter box has a rectangular shape and an entrance in the front. High Top litter boxes are made with messy cats in mind. Unlike a traditional litter box, High Top has an entranceway on its top.

This may seem a little bit odd but it really helps keep the dirty litter from spreading throughout your home. If you are a cat owner then you know that your feline friend will have no trouble hopping on top of the one-and-a-half-foot specialized litter box. When they are done “doing their business” They will have to climb back out. The unique shape of the High Top litter box makes litter spills virtually impossible. So if you have a messy cat problem, consider the High Top raised entryway litter box and you will never have to clean up an accidental spill again.

Litter box Furniture

Having cats as pets is a joy, but one of the things taken into consideration is having a litter box. Typically, the box is out in the open and is exposed. Because of this, people entering the house can see it. This can be particularly embarrassing to guests. Fret no more, because a solution has been made for this problem. This is called cat litter box furniture.

A cat litter concealment cabinet is a simple idea with an innovative design. The principle is to conceal the litter box. The furniture is intricately designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The pet just has to go into a sort of house, or box, covering the litter box once it needs to do its thing. This prevents the disturbing sight for people around it.

The best thing about these pieces would have to be the odor control. Interiorly, special packets are mounted which absorb and decrease the smell naturally. Because of this, your home will be odor-free and more hygienic. Once these packets begin to reduce their ability to reduce the odor, all you have to do is take them outside and expose them to open air. They will naturally recharge themselves. The packets work naturally because they contain an interior of volcanic rock, which serves as the absorber of the bad odor. This is then released into natural sunlight.

The key feature of litter box furniture is that it has a sturdy overall build. You can even use the pieces as seats at some point. Extra uses of the furniture include its serving as a platform for many simple tasks, like tying your shoelaces. The pieces come with interchangeable panels. These would allow for easy sweeping and cleaning, or for swapping out the inside. Larger pieces also come in handy if you prefer or need a much bigger opening.

There are many models manufactured in the United States of America, ensuring that the products are safe both for you, your pet and your family. Durability is not a problem because the boxes are made using high-quality wood and the craftsmen are meticulous with the quality of their work. This will be a purchase that will last longer than you would expect. This is ideal to keep your pet clean and hygienic. All this while maintaining your home odor-free makes this a definite best buy. After a few uses, you will notice the difference and will love the product instantly.

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell?

A lot of people will agree that cats are such adorable creatures that we consider them to be a part of our families already. However, the problem is when they were still kittens since they just tend to pee all over the place. This proves to be annoying since the odor of their urine is somewhat intolerable. To be able to solve this problem, here are some effective tips on how to get rid of cat urine smell. (And you can read this even more detailed guide “How To Clean And Deodorize Cat Urine?” the next.)

The very first thing you should learn is that stains get tougher as time goes by. In this case, the odor gets worse as well. So I suggest you quit being lazy during times like this. In fact, how can you even take the smell?

Now the moment you smell something disgusting, immediately go to your laundry place and grab a bucket. Fill it just halfway with water so it is not heavy enough. Also, grab a sponge while you are at it. Go over to the stained area with your things and wet your sponge a bit. Make sure to wring off the excess water from the sponge since using it while drenching wet will just spread the stains in all places. This is not something you want to happen if you want to make your job easier.

Repeat this for around ten minutes and remember to wash your sponge constantly if it gets too dirty. You do not want to use a dirty sponge over and over again, since you defeat the purpose of your cleaning.

As a finishing touch, you might want to pour some vinegar on the stained spot. Vinegar is a strong chemical that can remove any foul odor that the urine has left. It also is a very good cleaning agent.

So there you go, these important stain removal tips will come in handy the next time your kitten pees all over your house.

Get Rid of Litter Box Odor for Good

If you have a cat or several cats then you know that the litter box odor is not poo, but cat urine.
How do you get rid of the smell of urine? Here are some easy tips and ways to have a fresh-smelling home that will not have you afraid to invite friends over for fear of the smell.

An excellent way to keep urine litter box odor and other foul odors down is to ensure you keep the litter box clean. You may have heard this before, but this is really the number one way to control odor. If you work all day (like everyone does) then you may come home to a full litter box.

If you buy an automatic litter box such as the Littermaid LM 900 Mega, this might really help to control odors.

How can it help you? You will be able to keep the cat litter box clean and have less of a foul smell to come home to. Let us say that your cat urinates in the box and the excrement stays in there all day long. It has had all day to start growing bacteria which can result in foul odors.

If you invest in an automatic box you will not only be helping yourself by cutting down odors, but your cat will be much happier and go in the right place and not in the corner or somewhere he shouldn’t.

Another way to keep that litter box odor under control is to keep the litter box full of litter at least three inches deep. This will help to capture urine and then ensure that it will not stay on the sides or the bottom of the litter box.

This is the main problem that many cat parents might have. In order to conserve litter, they think that keeping it low will help, however; it ends up costing you more because you will have to dump it out sooner and put in a fresh batch. The solution is to keep your litter box full at least three inches and you will have less of a smell.

If you follow a few of these easy rules then you can have a clean and fresh-smelling home.

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