7+ Designer Cat Furniture For Stylish & Modern Interiors

Cat Trees:

Do you have questions about how to remove stains and odours caused by dog or cat pee from carpets, draperies, upholstery, clothes, pavement, yards, mattresses, and many other types of surfaces? Perhaps you are also interested in odour control in the regions surrounding your garbage cans, pet kennels, as well as the surfaces of your garage and basement.

Kitty Gyms: 

Throughout the course of human history, odour management has typically been accomplished by applying perfumes or other compounds designed to disguise odours. These treatments do not get rid of odours, but rather make them stronger by covering them up with another scent that is less offensive. In order to dampen the body’s reaction to odours, it’s possible to utilise chemicals that mess with the olfactory receptors. In either scenario, the odour molecules and any potentially harmful consequences they may have are not removed from the environment.

Kat Kabins: 

A Kat Kabin is an outdoor cat house.

Litterbox Furniture: 

This is furniture that conceals your cat’s litterbox inside it. Litterbox concealment can be a great thing for both you and your cat! It’ll give your cat privacy and it’ll spare you having to see (and smell) your cat’s litterbox every time you walk by it. How cool is this? There are lots of different types of litterbox furniture available.

Scratching Posts: 

Cats love to scratch, why not give them somewhere to scratch? Somewhere other than your couch!

Electronic Litterboxes: 

Yes, the future is now! These high-tech litterboxes make cleaning up after your cat much easier. These devices automatically detect when your feline has used the box, and perform a cleanup of the urine and excrement, making cleanup less frequent, and a breeze, and also keeping the box clean for your cats.

Modular Playground: 

Modular playgrounds are big. If you live in a small apartment these are probably going to be way too big for you. If you have a big house though this could be a really cool addition. This may be especially good if you have a few (or more!) cats and you want to give them a cool place to interact. 

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