DIY Black Cat Costume (6+ Easy Steps For Halloween 2022)

Consider donning a black cat costume for Halloween if you are self-reliant, take pleasure in sneaking around, or simply feel that black is the colour that best represents you. A child or an adult lady can put together a quick and easy Halloween costume by dressing as a black cat, which has a long history of being associated with Halloween and dates back hundreds of years.

Your own homemade black cat costume can be created in a variety of different ways. We will, however, be constructing a black cat costume that can be worn by either adults or children. This is because our objective is to discuss a straightforward method that novices can use to get ready for Halloween on a shoestring budget.

Find black clothing to serve the body.

If you have a black catsuit/jumpsuit, leotard, tutu or romper, that’s perfect. A pair of black slacks or sweatpants and a black blouse or black sweatshirt hoodie will work. Try a little black dress for the base of your outfit if your goal is a sexier Halloween costume… Black high heels or boots, and sheer black pantyhose or fishnets if needed, round out the initial step of your search.

We’re guessing that if you are handy enough to attempt to make your own Halloween costume, then you probably have all of these items in your closet. But if you don’t, purchasing them won’t be a total loss since you will probably be able to fit them into your wardrobe more than just for Halloween.

Make your kitty cat ears.

Cut two triangles out of cardboard and then four slightly larger two triangles out of black construction paper. Glue the construction paper to both sides of the cardboard to make the ears. If your outfit will be multicolor and you would like to match your inner ears to that color, then take another piece of construction paper in that color (such as white or pink) and cut out two smaller triangles and glue or tape them to the inside of the outer ears (remember – only one side of the cardboard this time). Then glue or tape the ears to a black headband that you would like to wear for the evening or pin them to the top of your black hoodie.

Prepare the cattail.

To make the tail, cut out a piece of black felt about 6 inches wide and two feet long. Fold the felt in half and seal the long end and one short end with a needle and thread. Stuff and attach to the back of your pants with a safety pin or needle and thread.

Go all black and mysterious for accessories.

Paint your fingernails black, wear black gloves, black socks, or double-lined black felt on your hands like paws.

To effectively illustrate a black cat Halloween costume, accessories are a must. The signature mask with the cat ears is the common and right choice. Perhaps a mask halfway through your face gives that sense of mysteriousness and a band that can prop those cat-inspired ears. You can also opt to have a black tail if you wish to accentuate more your cat costume. Black gloves can also be a wonderful accessory and black high-heeled shoes or perhaps a black high-heeled boot would perfectly match your seductive cat Halloween costume.  

Get seductive black cat makeup.

On the night of Halloween or the evening of your Halloween party, use a black eyeliner pencil to draw whiskers on your face like a real cat.

Have the right attitude.

“Meow” your way out on the catwalk because what makes a cat costume perfect is the attitude. Practice that catlike pose and stand by feeling and getting into the spirit of acting like one. Learn to stretch, growl and purr. It would also be helpful to review the latest Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry and see how she gave justice to the character. You should also consider your personality as to how far you would extend such an act. Look yourself in the mirror as you practice so you will know which would be your best and perfect cat angles.

Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

The origins of the myth that it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path are still a mystery after my extensive internet research.  The myth isn’t uniform around the world, as black cats aren’t associated with doom in all parts of the world.  In Japan, a black cat crossing your path is good luck.  And in Scotland, a black cat that appears on your porch is an omen of good luck.

It wasn’t always that the black cat was considered a scary creature.  In Ancient Egypt, cats, especially black cats, lived along with families and were protected from slaughter by criminal law.  But in the United States and some other countries, the notion that a black cat will cross your path is dreadful, especially around Halloween.  Why might this myth have started?

The association of black cats with spirits and misfortune has been prevalent throughout history.  Ancient Babylonian and Hebrew people believed that black cats were related to serpents because they liked to curl up in a circle near the fire.  In Germany in the Middle Ages, it was believed that a black cat on the bed of a sick person meant that their death was near.  While some believed that cats were good and others evil, that still doesn’t explain how the myth became so prevalent in the United States.

Black cats are independent, agile hunters that are sneaky and can blend into the darkness.  These weren’t particularly good traits to have during the witch hunts that occurred in the United States and other countries.  It seems likely that this myth gained hold in the United States when the black cat became associated with witches and witchcraft.

The association between witches and black cats rests on a couple of theories.  One holds that black cats are a witch’s familiar, a spirit serving and protecting the witch.  Another argued that a witch could turn into a cat.  Whatever the reason, the association between black cats and witches was sufficient to turn both into permanent symbols of evil and Halloween.

So the next time you see a black cat, will you embrace it or avoid its path?  If you are interested in giving someone at your Halloween party a little bad luck, a black cat costume might not be a bad idea.

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