New Kitten Must-Haves – Care Package, Starter Kit, Amazon Supplies Checklists For New Cat Owners

What Are The Must-Haves For New Kitten Owners? Here is a helpful checklist of everything you should consider getting as a new cat owner.

Cat Clothes

Dressing our cats… one outfit at a time!

Outfit your kitty in only the finest, from everyday tees to elegant dresses. Your kitty will look dazzling in one of these!

Couture has finally gone to the felines! Do cats really wear clothing you ask? Yes! Cats can actually be trained to wear clothing, especially when training begins in kittenhood. Many cats enjoy the coziness of the clothing and enjoy the closeness with their owners when being dressed and the center of attention.

Here is a list of cute ideas for your sophisticated new kitty.

Tees + Tanks


Sweaters + Coats

Harness Wear

Special Occasion


Special Needs

Cat Collars

Fashionable collars for your fashionable feline!

Outfit your kitty in only the finest, from collars with bling to preppy collars. Your kitty will look dazzling in one of these!

There are all types of collars to fit all your needs. Whether you want a collar, lead, or harness, you can have it. Our selection features fashionable, safe, and functional collars that are the essentials of every feline’s wardrobe.

Common designs include:







Harnesses + Leads

Make sure to visit this guide to learn how to measure your cat before any purchase!

Cat Accessories

Accessories for your cat. From id tags to bling to compliment your feline’s fancy collar. You can find the ultimate luxury ideas to spoil your feline!

Scratching Posts

Just like humans, cats need exercise, & scratching posts provide the ideal format. There are some unique & trendy scratchers to compliment your decor. Be generous with scratching posts – cats love and need a variety of surfaces and planes, so scatter a few throughout the house.

Cat Carriers

There are carriers to fit all your needs. Whether you want a trendy designer carrier or a functional, airline-approved carrier.

Cat Dining

Feeding our cats … in style!

Let your feline eat in style! Trendy, unique, functional. Other than the obvious kitty food and water dishes, you should consider also getting:

Bowls + Feeders

Food Mats

Food Storage

Cat Food

The best cat food brand depends on your new cat’s age, health condition, breed, etc. Make sure to also get some cat treats!

Cat Furniture

Pamper your feline friend with their very own place to sit & sleep!

Cat Beds & Mats

Comfort for your cat! Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, so a comfortable bed is important! Go get beds & mats that are sure to be comfy for your kitty as well as provide the ultimate in luxury for your home decor!

Cat Litter

Litter box, litter, & scoop – Litter boxes are a necessity, so why not have one with style.

Grooming Supplies

Grooming is essential to the health and care of your cat!

Cat Toys

Keeping our kitties active … with only the best toys!

Cat toys will ease anxiety, relieve boredom and facilitate interactive play!

Exercise and play are vital for keeping your cat healthy. Playing with your cat is essential to their health, both physically and mentally. Hide toys around your home and keep your feline entertained!

Catnip Toys

Interactive Toys

Healthy Alternatives

Healthcare Supplies

The starter kit should include ear cleaner, cat toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Bonus 1: For Cat Lovers

As a new proud cat owner, you might want to celebrate the new identity. From picture frames, to note cards, to announcements and sympathy kits, get some unique or even custom-made items!

Bonus 2: Eco-Friendly Felines

Now the idea of going green has gone to the cats. Pets can minimize negative impacts on the environment. Eco-friendly cat products can range from all-natural and recycled corrugated cardboard cat scratchers to organic catnip toys. Go green & be stylish!

Bonus 3: For Holiday

Shop from feline holiday boutique. Whether you want a holiday outfit, collar, or toy. There is a festive collection according to your need!

Bonus 4: Book(s) On Cat Health Care And Behavior

Having a cat is a huge commitment, it is also a constant learning process. Having one or two cat-parent bibles at home will save the kitten’s life at important moments.

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