13+ New Kitten Must-Haves – Care Package, Starter Kit, Amazon Supplies Checklists For New Cat Owners

In general, cats will consume everything that is offered to them, even when it comes from an unknown source. It can be challenging to locate the appropriate playthings for your kitty companion. You need to come up with other product selections that they like and get rid of any product that makes them feel ill or uncomfortable.

Before purchasing things for your pet, it is important to first study how they behave in their natural environments and what interests them. If they play with household objects you can note what materials they are made of and how the pet plays with them which will give you an idea of what to look for. Be sure to make the right decisions, and get rid of any goods that could put your pet in danger or make them uncomfortable. Having a pet is a lot like having a child in a lot of different ways. You want them to be happy, since that will make you happy.

Depending on what you are after, whether it is for cleaning pets, feeding them, playing with gadgets, and grooming objects, you can find these products in any local store. It is important to note that each pet has a unique set of needs that owners ought to know in order to provide excellent care.

What Are The Must-Haves For New Kitten Owners? Here is a helpful checklist of everything you should consider getting as a new cat owner.

Cat Clothes

Outfit your kitty in only the finest, from everyday tees to elegant dresses. Your kitty will look dazzling in one of these!

Couture has finally gone to the felines! Do cats really wear clothing you ask? Yes! Cats can actually be trained to wear clothing, especially when training begins in kittenhood. Many cats enjoy the coziness of the clothing and enjoy the closeness with their owners when being dressed and the center of attention.

Here is a list of cute ideas for your sophisticated new kitty.

  • Tees + Tanks
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters + Coats
  • Harness Wear
  • Special Occasion
  • Accessories
  • Special Needs

Cat Collars

Fashionable collars for your fashionable feline!

Outfit your kitty in only the finest, from collars with bling to preppy collars. Your kitty will look dazzling in one of these!

There are all types of collars to fit all your needs. Whether you want a collar, lead, or harness, you can have it. Our selection features fashionable, safe, and functional collars that are the essentials of every feline’s wardrobe.

Common designs include:

  • Fabric
  • Personalized
  • Ribbon
  • Jeweled
  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Harnesses + Leads

Make sure to visit this guide to learn how to measure your cat before any purchase!

Cat Accessories

Accessories for your cat. From id tags to bling to compliment your feline’s fancy collar. You can find the ultimate luxury ideas to spoil your feline!

Scratching Posts

Just like humans, cats need exercise, & scratching posts provide the ideal format. There are some unique & trendy scratchers to compliment your decor. Be generous with scratching posts – cats love and need a variety of surfaces and planes, so scatter a few throughout the house.

Cat Carriers

There are carriers to fit all your needs. Whether you want a trendy designer carrier or a functional, airline-approved carrier.

Cat Dining

Feeding our cats … in style!

Let your feline eat in style! Trendy, unique, functional. Other than the obvious kitty food and water dishes, you should consider also getting:

  • Bowls + Feeders
  • Food Mats
  • Food Storage

Cat Food

The best cat food brand depends on your new cat’s age, health condition, breed, etc. Make sure to also get some cat treats!

Food is just as important for cats as it is for humans. We need to be eating healthy and so do our cats! It’s important to make sure we are feeding our cats the best food we can afford to feed them. This part of the website is going to be about all of the different kinds of cat food available and finding out what is the right cat food for your cat’s needs and your budget.

Most well-known popular brands of cat food are made from waste products of the meat industries. Cat experts claim this practice is responsible for many of the ailments of cats. Most cat foods are also heavily grain-based. Cats naturally are not supposed to eat so much grain.

If you can afford it you should buy the best quality all-natural cat food you can find – You can buy all-natural cat food online. It will be more expensive than the cat food you buy at your local grocery store but it’ll also be much better for your cat!

Cat Furniture

Pamper your feline friend with their very own place to sit & sleep!

Cats love to clamber up to high surfaces in the house. But sometimes such behavior makes them destructive. The solution for this is cat climbing furniture.

Cat climbing furniture is a great way to address a cat’s natural climbing behavior and keep it from scratching up nice furniture. They are sturdy pieces of furnishings made from fine quality lumber that stands up well to wear and tear.

Cat Beds & Mats

Comfort for your cat! Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, so a comfortable bed is important! Go get beds & mats that are sure to be comfy for your kitty as well as provide the ultimate in luxury for your home decor!

To keep your cat warm whilst protecting it from the cold during the winter season a heated cat bed is very essential. It also helps to prevent your cat from become sick due to cold weather. As for the cats that love to spend time outdoors in places such as the garages, porches and even family barns heated cat beds are a must.

For older cats, especially those with arthritis, the heated cat bed can provide thermal and therapeutic benefits. It is also very beneficial for pets that constantly sleeping on hard and cold floors. Inside the heated cat bed there is a removable heater unit. You can use the bed indoors throughout the year. The ideal body temperature for cats is 102 degrees and the bed has two thermostats to ensure the bed temperature stays at that level. The heated cat bed has a thick and very soft, orthopedic mattress giving warmth, comfort and excellent therapeutic benefits to your pet.

Heated cat beds are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes, colors and fabrics. The larger heated cat beds are sufficient for one large cat or several small cats that enjoy cuddling together. There are great features and functionalities included in each design of heated cat bed.

Many cat owners prefer the thermal heated cat bed because of its therapeutic benefits. There are pet lovers that choose to use the bed pad heater method. These pads are heated electrically to provide gentle warmth and comfort to your cat.

Cat Litter

Litter box, litter, & scoop – Litter boxes are a necessity, so why not have one with style.

Grooming Supplies

Grooming is essential to the health and care of your cat!

Cat Toys

Keeping our kitties active … with only the best toys!

Cat toys will ease anxiety, relieve boredom and facilitate interactive play!

Exercise and play are vital for keeping your cat healthy. Playing with your cat is essential to their health, both physically and mentally. Hide toys around your home and keep your feline entertained!

  • Catnip Toys
  • Interactive Toys
  • Healthy Alternatives

It’s long been my view that a cat toy is anything a cat finds to play with, that’s one of the great things about cats, their curiosity! They can play with a bottle cap or in an empty cardboard box for hours on end. But! I know that’s not what you are looking for and certainly, actual cat toys can be a lot of fun too.

I’m a bit fan of catnip myself. I don’t mean for my use, I tried it once and… Oh, maybe I’ve said too much. But it’s a good time watching the cat play with catnip that’s for sure! Another one of my favorites is a laser pointer. Cats love laser pointers!

Healthcare Supplies

The starter kit should include ear cleaner, cat toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Your cat’s health starts in the same place yours does. Diet. With that being said it may be a good idea to invest in quality cat food now so that you have fewer vet bills later. All-natural cat food is much better for your cat than big-name brands. I know we don’t want to hear this because the natural cat food is going to be a lot more expensive too!

But think of how much a vet bill is, and of course, also think of how much you care about your cat. Now if you can afford it I would definitely recommend buying the best cat food you can! What about cat health food? cat health food is the same thing as all-natural cat food in my opinion. Healthy food for cats of course should be very high in protein. What do cats eat in nature? Meat! They are hunters. They do not grow corn!

It is essential to your cat’s health that you choose the right vet. Cats can live 15 years or more so the vet you choose may be looking after your cat for quite some time.

One thing you may want to check when choosing a vet/clinic is the American Animal Hospital Association. (They are online at www.healthypet.com) – Check to see if the clinic is accredited. To be accredited an animal hospital must meet the standards established by the AAHA.

Some vets may not seem to handle your cat well or may not seem to relate to cats well. You need to consider this when choosing a vet. If the first vet you try doesn’t seem like the right one maybe you should try another one. In more rural places you may not have much selection but if you live in a city like I do (Brooklyn, New York) you probably have plenty of vets to choose from!

Bonus 1: For Cat Lovers

As a new proud cat owner, you might want to celebrate your new identity. From picture frames, to note cards, to announcements and sympathy kits, get some unique or even custom-made items!

Bonus 2: Eco-Friendly Felines

Now the idea of going green has gone to the cats. Pets can minimize negative impacts on the environment. Eco-friendly cat products can range from all-natural and recycled corrugated cardboard cat scratchers to organic catnip toys. Go green & be stylish!

Bonus 3: For Holiday

Shop from feline holiday boutique. Whether you want a holiday outfit, collar, or toy. There is a festive collection according to your need!

Bonus 4: Book(s) On Cat Health Care And Behavior

Having a cat is a huge commitment, it is also a constant learning process. Having one or two cat-parent bibles at home will save the kitten’s life at important moments.

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