Seductive Cat Costumes Ideas For Sexy Adults

If you are looking for a cat lady costume that is a little bit more revealing than you see in the rest of everyday life, or if you are looking to buy some animal print lingerie to wear, we have found a few options for you to enjoy that we haven’t listed anywhere else that you can choose from. We hope that you will find these options enjoyable. We have no doubt that you will take pleasure in putting these costumes to use! 

Are you sick of following the same dull dress code day after day? Hide your animal urges to break out of the monotony of the workplace beneath your professional wardrobe with some fun lingerie that only you (and your closest friends who you share your intimate undergarment choices with) will know you are wearing. This will allow you to satisfy your urges without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

Do you want to let your partner know that you are getting excited for a wild night in the bedroom? Here are some things you might say. Utilize this jungle gear to cater to his more primal needs and desires.

If you are looking for an adult Halloween costume that can turn heads at your Halloween party, keep reading! Whether you will look your best dressed as a black cat, wearing animal print, or looking like you just stepped out of the movie Catwoman, you can find your Halloween outfit here.

What are the best cat costumes for adults?

We’ve located a wide selection of popular sexy cat costumes for adults, including:

  • Black Cat Costumes – Your costume doesn’t have to be dictated by whether you look better in a short mini dress, leather, or in a long jumpsuit.  You can find sexy cat costumes in both styles from among our more than a dozen black cat costumes. 
  • Cheshire cat costumes offer the perfect costume in pink for fun and flirty behavior among adults.  If you’ve seen the movie Alice in Wonderland recently, then you know what we are talking about!  The Cheshire Cat can be your best friend helping you out, or turning on you and get you into deep trouble, before disappearing behind his or her deep smile.
  • Cat and Mouse Costume – If you are looking to get more bang for your buck, consider the reversible cat and mouse Halloween costume. It’s the perfect outfit if you have more than one Halloween party to attend and you don’t want to buy two costumes.
  • Animal Print – Let the animal inside of you out for one night of the year when you wear one of our sexy animal print outfits for your cat or leopard costume.
  • Catwoman Costumes – If you are looking for a sexy Halloween costume that will show off your physique and impress the guys, then a Cat women costume might be perfect for you! It’s no easy task to follow in the footsteps of the most recent Catwoman, Halle Berry, but we think you’ll still impress both your geek and fraternity friends when you don this comic book femme fatale’s outfit.

Halloween is the one night a year where you have a free pass to wear whatever you want. No skirt is too short and no outfit is too slutty. So why not enjoy it and have some fun with the guys as a sex kitten for the evening? Every guy you meet during Halloween will no doubt be saying “Hello, Kitty!” as he checks out your costume. Purrr-fect your sex kitten look and choose from among our selection of ultra-sexy and super-short cat Halloween costumes.

What is the cat woman character about?

If you are going to pull off the Catwoman character transformation, you’ve got to at least have a base of knowledge about the Cat Woman in case someone decides to trap you into a discussion of Batman. So we’ve put together a brief history of the Catwoman Comic Book Series for those considering a Catwoman costume.

In the Spring of 1940, Batman #1 introduces one of the greatest comic book villains of all time: Catwoman. A masked burglar carrying a whip and stealing high dollar items, Catwoman was a femme fatale that served both as Batman’s romantic interest and antagonized him. When not a burglar and jewel thief, Catwoman was socialite Selina Kyle.

A complex character, Catwoman appeared both as a criminal and, at some points, as Batman’s ally in fighting crime. Catwoman’s story depends on the era and comic book series, as in some she married Bruce Wayne, while in others she committed murder.

The backstory of how Selina Kyle became Catwoman has also evolved and changed over time depending on the series and the writers. At one time, she was believed to be a flight attendant who turned to a life of crime after amnesia, but later this was revealed as a lie. In another version, she became a thief after she enjoyed stealing her own jewelry from her abusive husband, who she was leaving. In another tale, Kyle was a prostitute that loved cats and turned to a life as a cat burglar after seeing Batman in action.

Since the 1940s, Catwoman has become a popular comic book character and was seen repeatedly throughout the Batman comic book series. Although prevalent in the Batman comic books, Catwoman did not star in her own comic book series until 1993. In 2004, Catwoman received her own motion picture, though it wasn’t really based on the comic book character. In the movie, Halle Berry portrayed Patience Phillips who becomes Catwoman.

If you aren’t convinced that a cat woman costume is right for you, then you should also look at our selection of other adult cat costumes before making up your mind. You don’t have to create a separate comic book character persona to dress up in a sexy cat costume, after all.

How to look sexy with cat costumes?

Sexy kitty costumes come in three basic groups of costumes: the traditional black cat, a feminine pink and black cat, and animal print costumes. If you are interested in being a domestic household cat, then we recommend the cute black cat costumes with pink trim. If you want to display your independence and curse everyone in your path, we recommend you choose from the black cat costumes. And if you want to let everyone know that you are going to be living on the wild side for the evening, then we recommend one of the aggressive cat costumes in animal print like a leopard costume.

What costume for a man if a woman is a cat?

If you are dressing up as a sex kitten for Halloween, then we’re guessing that you are single and don’t have to worry about choosing a costume for your significant other. But if you happen to be looking for a sexy costume for your boyfriend to match one of these sex kitten costumes, we recommend that you get him a pimp costume. You can find more couple costume ideas for cat lovers in this guide.

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